I'm Emily! Coach, educator and speaker specialising in menstrual health.
Fed up with PMS, period pain, and contraceptive confusion? You’re in the right place. It's time to unlock the hidden power of your cycle…

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your cycle Sister

your cycle Sister

your cycle Sister

If You Have Ever Felt Stuck, Hopeless Or Lost In Regards To Your Self And Wellbeing You're In The Right Place - Discover Expert Guidance And Empowerment On Your Hormonal Health Journey.

I’m on a mission to empower and educate women on their unique journeys through the ebbs and flows of their menstrual cycles. I have always been intrigued by the power of our monthly flows and began studying and qualifying as a coach with the hopes of breaking down taboos, helping people say goodbye to pain associated with our periods.

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What you can expect from the collective                What you can expect from the collective                  What you can expect from the collective                  What you can expect from the collective


Mind/Body Connection



I want to let you in on a little secret…Your healing potential has been with you all along. You just didn’t have the tools to access it. 

“Emily delivered an information workshop, giving us all a better insight into our cycles and hormones. It was eye-opening to see all of the little things that can either negatively or positively influence our hormones and mood overall, we all left feeling like we could be a lot more open about this topic
in the workplace”.

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"Emily was very knowledgeable, and I learned some interesting things that I didn't know. I think the session would be useful for anyone to attend, whether it is something that affects you directly or to help support someone you live or work with as it’s important that we are all more aware of how individuals can be affected."

Danielle Fox, Zurich Isle Of Man


Download our free printable cycle tracker and guide to help you monitor and manage your cycles with ease. Our tracker allows you to record and observe patterns, ensuring you stay informed and in the know during each month. 


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